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My pastime....finding, refurbishing and re-selling goods for the home & garden. If you have an item that you need help with, please send me an email and I can certainly give you my opinion. I am also a vendor at 2 amazing local flea markets as well: fleaology.blogspot.com and comefleawithus.blogspot.com I also do custom re-painting for folks that already have their own furniture but want to give it a new look. If this is something you need, let me know. I would be glad to give you a quote. Thanks for stopping by. Make it a great day!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who is this Clever Craftsman fellow anyway?

You may be curious as to why I chose the self-proclaimed moniker of The Clever Craftsman. It is a reflection of the deep seeded desire I have to never let go completely a part of me that some people don't know exists--the desire I have to take something that may not be of value to someone else, give it a little TLC to repair a broken chair spindle or table leg, elbow grease and paint and breathe new life into it. That is the Craftsman part. 

The Clever part applies to the times when I have looked at something that had a primary purpose (such as a vintage wooden crib) and literally envision re-purposing it into something unique and perhaps a bit funky (in the case of the crib it was taking the two end panels that have spindles, flipping them vertically, attaching a vintage yard tool to it and you have a rack that can hold magazines, newspapers or towels. One I sold and the other I gifted to my sister who exclaimed, "Is THAT clever!" when she saw it. It made my day and I knew that this one of kind piece was meant for her--a one of kind herself!

Below are some of the items that I have rescued and refurbished and long since sold:
before the transformation


before the transformation

before the transformation

I have been known to frequent second hand stores, yard sales and yes, even the basements and garages of relatives scavenging for "treasures to transform" and give new life. My father-in-law has dubbed me his "scrounging son-in-law" a title that fits me well and in no way insults me. This is a extra curricular activity of mine that has been in the process of being cultivated for many years. Some may see it as a bizarre personality trait bordering on neurosis, and they are right--to an extent it is. Others, however have been behind me all the way, supporting the need for me to tap into the creative side that yearns to be manifested so I refurbished things, mostly furniture, and resell it. In retrospect, it really isn't the monetary gain (although it is nice) that motivates me but rather the satisfaction that I would get when someone purchased one or several of my pieces. It was exhilarating and warmed my soul when I would get the simple feedback of, "How clever is that! You are very talented." As simple as it may sound, it feeds me and it completes me when I bring someone joy through something I created.

Make it a Great Day!

-the clever craftsman

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