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Thursday, February 24, 2011

...simple things for a simple man...

I have realized over the years that I enjoy simple, old things that have had a previous life prior to coming into my possession. Maybe it is because I am a simple man in a lot of ways or that I was probably born with an old soul.

One of the simple things that made me stop and think is a vintage farm plow. I acquired it a couple of summers ago and although it has long since been retired from its original purpose, it is now part of the landscape in my backyard:

Although it is simple in form and function, the thought came to me that someone–maybe a father like me, used it to plow his fields in preparation for the planting of a garden for his little family. It probably was a lot of work yet a necessary implement needed to yield a harvest for his family. I am certain that he was grateful that someone had invented and manufactured this plow to assist him in his efforts to be a good Provider...


What invention are you glad you have in your life?

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