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My pastime....finding, refurbishing and re-selling goods for the home & garden. If you have an item that you need help with, please send me an email and I can certainly give you my opinion. I am also a vendor at 2 amazing local flea markets as well: fleaology.blogspot.com and comefleawithus.blogspot.com I also do custom re-painting for folks that already have their own furniture but want to give it a new look. If this is something you need, let me know. I would be glad to give you a quote. Thanks for stopping by. Make it a great day!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who is this Clever Craftsman fellow anyway?

You may be curious as to why I chose the self-proclaimed moniker of The Clever Craftsman. It is a reflection of the deep seeded desire I have to never let go completely a part of me that some people don't know exists--the desire I have to take something that may not be of value to someone else, give it a little TLC to repair a broken chair spindle or table leg, elbow grease and paint and breathe new life into it. That is the Craftsman part. 

The Clever part applies to the times when I have looked at something that had a primary purpose (such as a vintage wooden crib) and literally envision re-purposing it into something unique and perhaps a bit funky (in the case of the crib it was taking the two end panels that have spindles, flipping them vertically, attaching a vintage yard tool to it and you have a rack that can hold magazines, newspapers or towels. One I sold and the other I gifted to my sister who exclaimed, "Is THAT clever!" when she saw it. It made my day and I knew that this one of kind piece was meant for her--a one of kind herself!

Below are some of the items that I have rescued and refurbished and long since sold:
before the transformation


before the transformation

before the transformation

I have been known to frequent second hand stores, yard sales and yes, even the basements and garages of relatives scavenging for "treasures to transform" and give new life. My father-in-law has dubbed me his "scrounging son-in-law" a title that fits me well and in no way insults me. This is a extra curricular activity of mine that has been in the process of being cultivated for many years. Some may see it as a bizarre personality trait bordering on neurosis, and they are right--to an extent it is. Others, however have been behind me all the way, supporting the need for me to tap into the creative side that yearns to be manifested so I refurbished things, mostly furniture, and resell it. In retrospect, it really isn't the monetary gain (although it is nice) that motivates me but rather the satisfaction that I would get when someone purchased one or several of my pieces. It was exhilarating and warmed my soul when I would get the simple feedback of, "How clever is that! You are very talented." As simple as it may sound, it feeds me and it completes me when I bring someone joy through something I created.

Make it a Great Day!

-the clever craftsman

Thursday, February 24, 2011

...the thrill of the hunt...

I have found ways to earn extra income from reselling many of the items that I purchase. I like that one of a kind or vintage look that I can achieve from acquiring what some would call secondhand merchandise.

Since I am an refurbisher, it is gratifying to find that one piece that needs a fresh coat of paint to become a truly cherished "new" item for someones home or garden. I have never been intimidated by a little fixing up, a little painting or maybe just a little cleaning.

One of the really great things about Flea Market decorating is that we are recycling good usable items, keeping our landfills from being overfilled with many things that are still of value.

Be bold and fearless about shopping secondhand, but buy what you can reasonably use.

Remember that while an item may seem like a good deal, it can become a burden on available storage space in your home if you really don't have a use for it.

There are a lot of good magazines on the newsstands and in bookstores such as Flea Market Style for example, that will give you some great ideas for using or recycling home decor items.

Keep looking. Be diligent and patient. Part of the rush comes from the thrill of the hunt...

Make it a great day!

-the clever craftsman

...simple things for a simple man...

I have realized over the years that I enjoy simple, old things that have had a previous life prior to coming into my possession. Maybe it is because I am a simple man in a lot of ways or that I was probably born with an old soul.

One of the simple things that made me stop and think is a vintage farm plow. I acquired it a couple of summers ago and although it has long since been retired from its original purpose, it is now part of the landscape in my backyard:

Although it is simple in form and function, the thought came to me that someone–maybe a father like me, used it to plow his fields in preparation for the planting of a garden for his little family. It probably was a lot of work yet a necessary implement needed to yield a harvest for his family. I am certain that he was grateful that someone had invented and manufactured this plow to assist him in his efforts to be a good Provider...


What invention are you glad you have in your life?